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Student has to get a 1st class medical certificate in accordance with EASA (Part-MED) requirements


The minimum age of student to start training is 17 years old


The duration of training is 16 months. More detailed timeframe is shown below


The training course is conducted in English language. During the initial stage you’ll be provided with an Intensive Aviation English course

– minimum age 17 years old
– knowledge of English on the Intermediate level
– knowledge of Mathematics and Physics on the school graduate level 

During the training you’ll aquire 204 flight hours on airplanes

During the training you’ll be required to pass several theoretical and practical (skill test) exams:
Theoretical exams:
– 9 exams for Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
– 14 exams for Airline Transport Pilot Licence  
Practical exams (skill tests):
PPL skill test
Instrument Rating skill test (including Multiengine airplane)
– Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) skill test 

You will receive a European Commercial Pilot License – EASA CPL(A) with the privileges to operate a multi-engine aircraft according to the instrument flight rules (ME IR rating), as well as a certificate of completion Airline Transport Pilot theoretical course (ATPL theory certificate) and a Multi Crew Cooperation course certificate – so called Frozen ATPL

The Spring group starts on 31st of March 2020

Course price :

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